Yard of the Month and Contest Winners Page

Yard of the Month is done every month each year starting in May and ending in September.  The winner each month receives a $50 Lowes gift card and is asked to display the Yard of the Month sign until the next selection or the end of the season.  The sign is not required but it does showcase the recognition from others in the Neighborhood of the efforts the winner has undertaken to help keep the neighborhood beautiful!  Winners are chosen by the landscaping committee on a monthly basis and members of the board and landscaping committee are not eligible to win.

Holiday Decoration Contest is usually in October and December.  The board votes on the winner and is not eligible to be a winner.  All decoration schemes are accepted and appreciated!

2021 Holiday Decorations Contest Winner

Holiday Decorations December 2021

Yard of the Month June

Yard of the Month 2021

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