Only one adult over 21 from each homesite is eligible to be a board member.  Others from the same homesite can be on committee’s though.  Renters cannot participate in either but are welcome to help out with community initiatives!

RVs ( recreational vehicles ), Campers and boats cannot be kept on the property longer than 48 hours.  If the item in question will fit in the garage out of site, this is permitted.  They can be parked in the back yard, but only if they cannot be seen above the fence line ( meaning the homesite must also have a fence installed ).

The Home Owners association is made up of homesite owners.  The board is not paid for any work as this is a community driven board.  The goal of the HOA is to maintain the standards outlined in the covenants that every new homesite owner signs upon purchasing a homesite.  The goal of the HOA is to be reasonable and respectful but also enforce the covenants appropriately and with equal hand.

There is no community pool nor recreational area.  There is a large retaining pond on the north side of the subdivision but fishing is not allowed.  There is a city park with tennis courts, playground and a few other amenities that is about 5-10 minute walk from the entrance.  It is accessible by the trail as well, so a quick and mostly safe bike ride will get you there faster ( there is one street crossing ).

The short answer is that there are usually small alligators in the ponds.  We dont recommend standing near the waters edge.  They are not always there as alligators roam the area between all the ponds and Lake Apopka.  There have never been any incidents though. 

There are carp in the retaining ponds that the HOA dues pay for.  The carp are there to eat the grass along the edge and keep the ponds ecosystem in balance.  The HOA also retains a service company that maintains the algae levels within safe and visually pleasing limits.

In the documents section there is a board candidate form.  Please fill that out and email it to the info@fullerscrossing.com email address.  It can also be faxed to the management company.

Please send an email to the board stating you wish to join a committee or committee’s.  Make sure to list your full name, address and the committee or committee you wish to join.

The HOA Board meets every quarter.  In the October quarter, the meeting occurs immediately after the annual HOA meeting.  See the meetings page for upcoming meetings.

You can rent your home out to others either as a whole or by room.  Renters MUST sign leases of at least 7 months per the covenants.  Please be cognizant of the parking situation at your home site as to not impede the traffic flow or impact neighbors.  We suggest talking with your neighbors about your parking plan should you need space beyond the front areas of your homesite.  Please refer to the parking situation FAQ for further details.

Yard of the Month is done every month each year starting in May and ending in September.  The winner each month receives a $50 Ace Hardware gift card and is asked to display the Yard of the Month sign until the next selection or the end of the season.  The sign is not required but it does showcase the recognition from others in the Neighborhood of the efforts the winner has undertaken to help keep the neighborhood beautiful!  Winners are chosen by the landscaping committee on a monthly basis and members of the board and landscaping committee are not eligible to win.

The ARB (Architectural Review Board ) form must be processed by the HOA within 30 days of submission.  There is additional time for back and forth should any occur.  Please note, our ARB members are acutely aware of the need to process forms fast and is committed to doing so.  Their goal is turn around forms within 1 week if possible.

There are 200 homes within the subdivision.  This HOA controls 100 homes in phase 1 & 2.  There is another HOA that controls the remaining 100 homes in phase 3 & 4.

We hope to allow many green initiatives as possible within the subdivision.  In 2020, new LED street lights were installed as part of this initiative.  

The following items are currently allowed as long as an ARB form(see documents page) is submitted prior to installation:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar roofs
  • Water reclamation is allowed as long as the reclamation equipment is behind a fence.
  • Artificial grass

All homes have a 2 car garage and usually enough space in front of it for at least 2 cars.  Some homesites have room for more cars.  Street parking is allowed but rather limited due to the curvature of the roads, driveway placements and road signs.  Please note that you cannot park within 20 feet of a road sign, 20 feet of a curb or in front of a home site driveway or mailboxes.  The street parking is maintained by the city, parking across a side walk ( even if its part of your driveway ) is not permitted.  Large trucks cannot be parked overnight and we discourage parking across the street from another vehicle as this may block emergency vehicles and city service vehicles from accessing areas of the subdivision.  It is important to keep the side walks clear of any vehicles so disabled residents and children can safely navigate the subdivision.  

The community is currently not approved by the city to allow golf carts.  Also, any golf carts or ATVs used on the city streets can receive a fine from the city.  If a golf cart is present on the homesite, it must be parked out of site from the road.

The Orange County Trail runs along the east side of the subdivision and is directly accessible by some homesites on that side of the subdivision.  If you prefer to go through the main entrance, trail access is about 100 feet from the entrance.  Please note that the trail does not allow motorized vehicles.

6 foot tall fences made of wood, vinyl or aluminum are allowed by covenants for home sites not on the water front.  Homesites on the water front can only have 4 foot tall fences and the fences must be open.  Take a look a the covenants in the documents section for more details.  Please note that all fences must have an ARB form submitted prior to installation.  If you are not installing the fence, a permit is required by the city ( most installers include this ).

The dues for 2024 are $396 and they are due on January 1st.  The dues are paid once a year ( due on the 1st of January ) and if you need additional time, please contact the management company to setup a payment plan PRIOR to the due date.  Please note we will be increasing fee’s each coming year with a cap of $500.  The board is allowed to increase 10% a year without homeowner approval.  Use the Pay My Dues link on the menu at the top to pay dues online!

There is an annual report sent to every homesite by the end of the year.  We hope to post it here as well.  In general the following items make up the majority of the costs:

  • Lawn care for the front entrance and other common areas.
  • Irrigation system upkeep and water from the city.
  • Front entrance landscaping such as flowers that are rotated and twice yearly mulch spread.
  • Street lights, both the power and the rental of the pools ( which includes maintenance by the power company ).
  • Website, social media and related services.
  • Management company and related activities.

There are many pets in the neighborhood and yours is welcome!  Please make sure to pick up after dogs using your own dog waste bags.  There are no receptacles in the neighborhood due to the cost of maintaining them.  Please note, Orange County does respond to complaints from homeowners who can prove waste was left on their property with fines given to the offending party.

As of 2021, the HOA has elected to pay for a service that canvas’s the neighborhood for violations at a set interval.  The violations found are reported to the violations committee in a report.  At times, other homeowners will also provide proof of violations for consideration as well.  Comments and/or approval is provided and letters are sent to the offender homes.  The letter will ask the offender to rectify the violation within 2 weeks with the penalty of a fine if the violation is not rectified within 30 days.  This also gives the offender time to reply with comments to the violation if desired.  Most violations are minor and can be rectified quickly.  The board and committee’s goal is to be reasonable and understanding but also ensure the covenants are adhered to in a timely manner.  If you see a what you believe is a violation, please send us an email with a picture and address of the violation and the committee will review it.

Please go to the documents page, download and fill out the ARB form.  There is a link at the top of the page where you can login and submit the necessary paperwork.  Please submit via the portal instead o f the email to avoid any delays.  Please note, if you are making a structural change, you may need a permit and will need to speak to the city first for approval.  City may ask for slight changes and its best to have that worked out first before submitting an ARB.

Once the side walk is 1 inch or  higher above being level with the rest of the side walk, please call the city at 407-656-2256 to have them repair it.  They may grind it or replace the whole slab.

Please call the city at 407-656-2256.